REPORT: 5 years of collaboration with the “St. Archangels” social establishment, to the aid of domestic violence victims


A few years ago we at PRO VITA Bucharest had the opportunity to meet a special person: priest Valentin Ştefan, from Giurgiu (a small town 60 km South of Bucharest). Together with his wife, Veronica, he took over the devastated building of a former orphanage from Slobozia commune and turned it into a modern social establishment, named after the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel (details in English in this presentation page). Dozens of mothers with their children have been sheltered there ever since, the center being committed to protecting and reintegrating domestic violence victims.

In the autumn of 2012, a protocol of collaboration and partnership between PRO VITA Bucharest and the “St. Archangels” social establishment was signed, a partnership that entered its 6th year.

The aim of this collaboration

PRO VITA Bucharest is focusing its activities on matters that are still insufficiently approached by the pro-life movement in Romania (advocacy, litigation, education and prevention, counseling, decision-making). Even if we are not accredited for social care services that involve offering shelter, we have always sustained important humanitarian projects, consisting of directly helping those in need. Moved by Father Valentin’s devotion, we decided to support him.

Achievements 2012-2017 – in figures

We know that God is not an accountant, for if He were, we would all be in a debt impossible to pay off; however, as humans, we must keep the financial records to which we are obliged by the law and in order to maintain good human relations.

Of course, not everything we do can be quantified! Surely, our working and volunteering hours, the dedication to what we do, cannot be quantified. But figures are often important and reflect the results of our activity and how we use the resources which you so generously offered us.

Here are the contributions of the donors, managed by PRO VITA Bucharest, for the activity of the “St. Archangels” social establishment, as they are found in the financial statements of our organization for the years 2012-2017:

  • Reconditioning and improvement of the heat distribution system and central heating system (2012-2013) – 50,000 lei
  • Contribution for the new central heating system (2017) – 5,000 lei
  • Heating fuel for 6 winters (2012-2017) – 75,248 lei
  • Electricity (2014-2017) – 49,955 lei
  • Building materials for the animal shelter (2014-2015) – 26,340 lei
  • Bread – 11,083 lei
  • Renovation of 8 bedrooms (2012-2013) – 3,000 lei
  • Other building materials (2014) – 1.472 lei

SUM TOTAL: 222,098 LEI = approx. 50,000 EUR

You can also contribute to helping “the least of these brothers and sisters” (Matthew 25:40)

We thank God and you, our friends, for these donations! We are not a large organization and haven’t delegated any stars to be our spokespersons, but we have passion for what we do and much love. Stay with us! As a simple employee, as a philanthropist, as a director or manager of a business company – your help is vital. You can make a donation for the recovering and reintegration of the domestic violence victims!

Please make a one-time or recurrent (monthly) donation!


Fr. Stefan with some of the children in his loving care. Photo © Cristina Nichituș Roncea, August 2017